Cleaning Agents and Dosing Systems

Automatic dosing and filling systems for scrubber-driers

Automatic dosage
The automatic, wall-mounted dosing system works according to the Venturi principle: On opening the water tap, the water is added to the cleaning agent at low pressure via a separate hose. The quantity is defined by means of a measuring pin. The system is equipped with non-return valve, complying with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) so that contaminated water cannot flow back into the water supply.

Automatic filling
To enable automatic filling, the hose is fixed to the scrubbing-vacuuming vendor by means of a plug-in coupling. When the clean water tank is completely filled, a float switch stops the water supply. The operator can complete other work during this time and need not remain by the machine – this supports a more efficient, economic deployment of personnel.

On-board dosing system
The system consists of a regulated pump. The addition of the cleaning agent occurs subject to the water supply. The concentration can be adjusted continuously and always remains constant. Over and underdosing are effectively prevented as a result, even when the operator the increases or reduces the water supply. The system can also be used in machines without a water pump.

The FastFill filling system is particularly suited for use involving high water consumption or little time for the filling process. It consists of a 150 or 300 litre tank and is easy to handle. The fast filling occurs at 120 litres/minute. A dosing unit ensures an accurate mixture ratio of cleaning agent suitable for the dispenser.

Hako-Chemical on Demand
Innovations for the highest levels of cleanliness
We are constantly striving to improve our products even more. To ease your workloads. To reduce your operating costs. To protect the environment. An example of this is Chemical on Demand

Optimum efficiency and cleanliness at the touch of a button
Cleaning agents are only deployed when necessary by pressing the button. This means that areas which are not particularly dirty can be cleaned without the use of any chemicals. Less cleaning agents – more efficiency, thanks to Hako-Chemical on Demand:
• Demand-actuated use of cleaning agents
• Areas with less dirt can be cleaned without chemicals and thus more economically
• In areas with stubborn dirt, cleaning agents are added at the press of a button
• Precise, economic dosing