Systems for more sustainability and economy

Complete routine cleaning without the need for chemicals
Hako-AquaForce® means cleaning using demineralised water. This technology has been used successfully in numerous areas, e. g. for cleaning glass and facades and in car washes. AquaForce® achieves excellent results through the mechanical aspect of cleaning floors without the need of expensive cleaning agents because demineralised water is particularly soft and loosens particles of dirt very well. In addition, it dries without leaving any residues, streaks or limescale marks. This also reduces any resoiling because particles of dirt no longer fi nd any adhesion opportunities.

Hako-AntiBac®- increases machine hygiene for use in sensitive areas by arresting the development of bacteria and fungi
The antibacterial tank coating, Hako-AntiBac®, improves the hygienic condition of the tanks considerably and reduces the development of odours as well as reducing the amount and cost of disinfectants used for cleaning the tanks.

Quick charging for long operating times
The Scrubmaster B45 CL and Scrubmaster B70 CL with DaytimeCleaning (DTC) are ideal for the economic and flexible cleaning of small and large areas on which, in addition to routine cleaning, intermediate cleaning by a cleaning machine is required several times a day. The quick charge technology implemented by DaytimeCleaning consists of a special quick-charge battery and a matching charger. Despite a lower capacity, it enables a longer operating time and intermediate charging at any standard 230 V power socket. The machine is recharged after just 30 minutes – for longer operating times and optimum machine utilisation with almost permanent availability!

Hako LessChem stands for saving cleaning agents. The saying “the more the better” is not always true. On the contrary. The tailormade Hako dosing and filling systems rule out any superflous dosage from the start. Cleaning remains reliable using minimum quantities. Products such as the highly concentrated cleaning agent Cleanol SE ECO, which has been awarded the European eco-label, reduce pollution even more.