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Innovation: Working without chemicals

Cleaning without chemicals sometimes means a high cost saving. Technology, which has been used successfully in glass and façade cleaning for a long time, is now being brought by Hako onto the floor: cleaning with demineralised water. Excellent cleaning results in extensive tests and practical applications speak for themselves.

Advantages for Contract Cleaning
- Simple stationary system. Consisting of an ion exchange unit with cartridge.
- Space-saving. The AquaForce System makes do with a mini storage area.
- Connect it directly to the water supply – ready for use.
- Constant filling time: Simply dock the water hose from the AquaForce System
  onto the cleaning machine and fill as normal.
- Saves work time: in conjunction with the automatic filling system the operator
  can carry out other jobs, whilst the machine is being filled.
- Security for the application: automated exchange cycle ensures consistent
  water quality.
- Environmental protection and cost reduction: Completely does away with
  cleaning agents.

AquaForce Prospect

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