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Technical Data Scrubmaster B45 CL DTC B70 CL DTC
Working width (cm) 51 65
Squeegee width (cm) 86 95
Theoretical area coverage (m²/h) 2.300 3.200
Nominal voltage (V) 24 24
No. of brushes
1 disk 2 disk
Working speed (km/h) 4,5 5,0
Clean water tank (l) 42 72
Dirty water tank (l) 42 74
Width, without/with squeegee (cm) 56/86 59/95
Weight, without battery (kg) 107 190
Weight, wet with battery (kg) 204 338
Total output (kW) 1,31 2,28


Innovation: Always ready for use

With the Hako-DaytimeCleaning machines long charging times are a thing of the past. Quicker charging means greater availability of your cleaning machine. Scrubmaster B45 CL DTC and Scrubmaster B70 CL DTC with quick charge battery and new quick charge technology achieve significantly longer running times with a reduced battery capacity.

Advantages for Contract Cleaning
- Extremely long running times. With the quick charger the battery can also be
  charged at break times.
- Intermediate charges desired. In just 30 minutes charging time it is possible
  to use the machine again. The battery is designed for frequent charging cycles.
- Simple. Possible to charge at any plug socket through 230 V/AC rated voltage.
- Maintenance-free quick charge lead-acid traction batteries.
- Environmentally-friendly as a result of the long life.