• till 1.400 m²/h
  • till 1.500 m²/h
  • till 1.900 m²/h
  • till 2.900  m²/h
  • till 4.200  m²/h
  • till 4.200 m²/h

Walk-behind scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster E/B10
Ultra-compact scrubber-drier with an area performance of up to 1.400 m² cleanliness per hour. With its small size the machine is perfect for the flexible contract cleaner and for the use on restricted areas.

Scrubmaster B12
The Scrubmaster B12 is the handy, compact and easy-to-transport scrubber-drier for use on smaller areas. The plate brush head, which protrudes to both sides, makes it possible to work close to edges and thus saves on intensive follow-up work afterwards. The plate brush ensures optimum cleaning of smooth hard floors. The low weight and the folding operating handle enable space-saving storage and transport. The compact construction offers a high degree of manoeuvrability and a great deal of visibility, even on narrow, cluttered and congested areas. With the integrated charger it is possible to charge the battery at any time at standard plug sockets.

Scrubmaster B30
For the quick and easy cleaning of smaller and medium-sized areas. Manoeuvrable and compact. Optimum visibility of the area to be cleaned. Made-to-measure to meet your requirements. A choice of two versions available. A maintenance-free battery package guarantees long running times. Fitted as standard with an on-board battery charger = can be charged at any plug socket.

Scrubmaster B45
The Scrubmaster B45 is a compact scrubber-drier for the basic and maintenance cleaning of all non-textile floors. Based on one body, a modular construction system makes it possible to adapt the machine to all conceivable types of application.

Scrubmaster B70
Scrubber-drier for efficient wet cleaning of medium sized and large areas.Simple handling, innovative technilogy and high performance ensure perceptibly better working and low running costs.

Scrubmaster B90 / B120
High-performance, efficient and environmentally friendly: the large hand-operated scrubber-driers from Hako. With an area coverage of up to 4,200 m²/h, the Scrubmaster B90/120 is ideal for the thorough scrubbing and vacuuming of medium-sized and large areas such as in shopping centres and supermarkets, office buildings and public buildings as well as production and storage areas.