Wet and dry vacuum systems /
Single-disc and polishing machines /
Carpet cleaning machine

Brush vacuums, dry and wet vacuums, industrial vacuums
In many cases, a vacuuming cleaning method remains the best
solution. We can supply various wet and dry vacuum systems
perfectly suited to your individual needs – ranging from brush
vacuums for the thorough cleaning of carpets, dry and wet
vacuums on to powerful industrial vacuums!

Single-disc and polishing machines

Hako quality is reflected in the results
To achieve perfect results, Hako provides a range of single-disc
and polishing machines, in carefully staged sizes and performance
levels, which are optimally adapted to each other to clean and care
for hard floors quickly and economically as well as a comprehensive
range of care products and accessories.

Carpet cleaning
A compact carpet cleaning machine for quick, thorough cleaning of small and medium-sized areas