• till 6,660 m²/h
  • till 7,200 m²/h
  • till 7,200 m²/h
  • till 13,200 m²/h
  • till 16,200 m²/h
  • till 25,000 m²/h

Ride-on sweepers

Sweepmaster B800 R
The Sweepmaster B800 R combines the compact dimensions of a walk-behind machine with the convenience and performance range of a ride-on machine.

Sweepmaster B/P900 R
Compact vacuum sweeping machine for indoor and outdoor areas.With petrol and hydrostatic drive for outdoor applications or availablewith exhaust-free battery drive.

Sweepmaster B/P980 R/RH
Compact vacuum sweeper for heavy duty applications in factories, warehouses or dispatch area, ramps of car-parks or for outdoor areas.

Sweepmaster B/P/D1200 RH
Compact vacuum sweeper for indoor and outdoor use. Petrol, diesel or battery driven. Available with optional 2nd side brush.

Sweepmaster B/P/D1500 RH
The ride-on vacuum sweeper Sweepmaster 1500 RH fulfils the requirements for economical use over many years – even under heavy-duty application conditions. A powerful sweeping unit and a highly efficient filter system as well as powerful motors and various drive systems combined with the simplest operation at the same time, make the Sweepmaster 1500 RH a machine which can be used universally for every industrial sweeping task.

PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR
Fully hydraulic high performance vacuum sweeper for use on large areas. High dump. Climbing ability up to 16%. LPG or diesel drive.