• till 2.300 m²/h
  • till 2.400 m²/h
  • till 2.600 m²/h
  • till 3.400 m²/h

Walk-behind sweepers/vacuum sweepers

Sweepmaster M600
Walk-behind sweeper for areas as small as 100 - 200 m². Collects dirt automatically. Indestructible plastic hopper with recessed grip and built-in dirt chute.

Sweepmaster B500
Walk-behind vacuum sweeper for all applications on hard and carpeted floors. The particularly simple operation and the machine's practical features make work easy and efficient. The maintenance-free battery set can be recharged at any available plug socket via the integrated battery charger.

Sweepmaster B/P650
Robust and commercial vacuum sweeper for dust-free cleaning of smaller and medium-sized areas. The high sweeping performance/ capacity whilst at the same time fully utilising the hopper volume and a powerful filter system ensure effective work. Particularly robust design and construction for a long machine life. The operation is simple and with the Take-it-Easy hopper system with swivelling operating handle also particularly comfortable.

Sweepmaster B/P800
Especially for dust-free cleaning of small to medium-sized areas. The manually-operated vacuum sweeper with robust all-steel chassis and high sweeping performance has been designed for use in the commercial sector and by service providers. Available with combustion engine for outdoor use or with environmentally-friendly electro-drive for indoor cleaning.