Multi-functional implement carriers

High-performance equipment for all-year deployment

For maintaining grounds, sports fields and parks, for winter service or outdoor cleaning: Hako has the perfect solution for all-year deployment in respect of commercial and municipal needs. You, too will find the optimum solution within our comprehensive scope of products ranging multi-purpose equipment with numerous attachment devices.

Consisting of only one basic model, our vehicles enable you to carry out a variety of different jobs, resulting in efficient utilization of the basic machine. In addition, the driver only needs to learn how to operate this one machine.

Compact, manoeuvrable and multipurpose 100 % performance, packed in a compact size: The Multicar M27compact, M29 and M31 complete our range of offers for municipalities at the top end. All-wheel steering, crew cabs or with hydrostat: Various types of bodywork and drives and a wide range of accessories and attachment devices broaden the range of deployment and ensure that you find just the right Multicar you are looking for to fulfil your tasks!

The different Variette-models hand-operated machines which are designed for professional, commercial use. The machines facilitate and master all the different jobs accruing in property and ground maintenance – all year round.