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Fleetmanagement made easy


The Hako-Fleet-Report offers you considerable added value by providing a precise overview of the machines in your fleet. The information is continually updated and available to you at all times via the Internet.

The Hako-Fleet-Management service monitors details on operating times, service intervals and financial aspects closely so that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

The customised Hako-Fleet-Report WEB portal enables you to log on and establish a secure connection to the Hako-Fleet-Report system. Data is displayed in respect of the devices and machines within your individual area of responsibility according to the respective rights assigned to you.

All the machines are provided in a list on the homepage. The selection of machines can be restricted to details concerning the machines to be analysed by simply entering respective search terms. Click the mouse on the relevant line to open further details regarding the selected machine.

The easy operation of the Hako-Fleet-Management system means you can use it without any training and have constant access to an up-to-date overview of the machines in your fleet. You no longer need to complete data maintenance yourself and you are informed automatically in respect of important details related to machines in your fleet. This means that cost intensive data processing and backup are dispensed with because all these tasks are assumed and completed reliably by Hako.

Brochure Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions
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