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The Hako 5-star advantage

More reliable, economic, satisfied

Thinking and acting for the long-term pays dividends for you – and maybe
quicker than you think. For over 60 years, professionals have trusted in Hako
and profitted from a complete package including performance, quality and
reliability. While certain “bargains” quickly emerge as bad investments, the
Hako 5-star advantage puts you on the safe side.

Permanent availability of the machines

•    Robust technology and quality “Made in Germany”
•    Very service-friendly
•    GPS controlled, mobile service management around-the-clock, 24/7
•    Over 650 service technicians throughout Europe
•    Modern diagnostics systems
•    Overnight spare parts supply

Transparency of costs and high efficiency
•    Building-related economic efficiency calculations
•    Guaranteed service life costs
•    Systems for increasing productivity and efficiency such as DTC quick
      charge technology, filling and dosing systems, Hako-AquaControl, ABBA or R2S
•    Multipurpose machines

Intelligent environmental consideration

•    Low or no chemical cleaning with “Chemical on Demand” and Hako-AquaForce®
•    Reduction of water consumption through Hako-AquaControl
•    Reduction of emissions of dust and exhaust gas
•    Optimised low-noise design, optional Silent Kit
•    Antibacterial feature for tanks (Hako-AntiBac®)
•    Long service life, upgrading used machines, recycling capabilities

Financing and procurement alternatives
Based on your requirements, e. g.
•    Leasing
•    Hire, hire purchase
•    Seasonal hire for summer/winter
•    Opti-Hour: invoicing on an hourly basis
•    Top used machines with guarantee

Top solutions, service security with guarantee
•    Excellent product solutions for all areas of use
•    Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions, e. g. Hako-Fleet-Report
•    Partnering professionals for more than 60 years
•    Certifications, attestations
•    Hako academy for training and further training technical advisers,
     service technicians and users

Brochure Hako 5-star advantage
(PDF 2.75MB)