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A clean shopping experience at any time

The customer is king! In the retail trade, positive customer experience and immaculately clean sales rooms are of utmost importance. Hako offers suitable machines for every application – from the entrance to the parking garage to the shopping area – and, of course, hygiene-sensitive areas such as deli- and meat counters. Particularly compact and low-noise machines are available to meet special requirements. These can be used during opening hours without disturbing the shopping experience for customers.  Hako offers the perfect solution for every cleaning requirement – with comfortable and economically efficient machines.


  • Scrubmaster machines clean all hard floors in indoor areas perfectly – e.g. in supermarkets, department stores or shopping centres
  • Sweeping and wet-cleaning in all seasons – e.g. car parks or parking garages
  • Effectively cleaned storerooms – right up to racks and shelves and in every corner, even in confined areas
  • Our machines comply with strict hygiene regulations: bacteria, germs and fungus stand no chance at all


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