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Sweeping and sweeping & vacuuming: with Sweepmaster

Removing dirt particles, dust and light debris reliably: These are the tasks Hako’s machines from the Sweepmaster product line are made for.  From walk-behind sweepers for small areas to ride-on vacuum sweepers providing a cleaning performance of up to 4,000 m² per hour. 

Scrubbing & drying: with Scrubmaster

Whether walk-behind or ride-on machines: Our scrubber-driers and combi machines from the Scrubmaster and PowerBoss product lines ensure superior cleaning of both in- and outdoor areas as well as economically efficient wet cleaning – and provide a cleaning performance of up to over 15,000 m²/h.

Polishing and vacuuming: with Cleanserv

Made for professional indoor cleaning tasks: Cleanserv polishing machines as well as wet & dry vacuum cleaners meet the high standards required for both industrial and commercial applications. From manoeuvrable models designed to clean offices and hotels to compact carpet cleaning machines. 

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