High polishing performance

Area coverage: up to 1,600 m²/h

Extremely manoeuvrable

Cleanserv VU4/VL series

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

High polishing performance

Area coverage: up to 1,600 m²/h

Extremely manoeuvrable

Hako offers a wide range of economically efficient solutions for professional indoor cleaning tasks. For many applications, vacuum cleaners are still the best solution. Hako offers suitable wet & dry vacuums for any cleaning requirement: from a brush vacuum cleaner for perfectly cleaned carpets to efficient wet & dry vacuum cleaners and powerful industrial vacuums.   


The optimal solution for every task

Cleanserv VU4 – easy-to-handle brush vacuum cleaner

Our model Cleanserv VU4 is ideal for efficient yet gentle dry vacuuming of carpeted floors. This easy-to-handle brush vacuum cleaner is equipped with a telescopic suction pipe, an expendable hose, and a germ-reducing fibrous filter or optional HEPA filter. Changing the brushes requires no tools, and the compact dimensions of the Cleanserv VU4 allow easy transport. The working width is 35 cm.

Cleanserv VD6 – compact vacuum cleaner

The compact vacuum cleaner Cleanserv VD6 is perfect for commercial applications in offices, hotels, etc. It is extremely manoeuvrable and stable. Thanks to its specially sheathed wheels and low weight, this vacuum cleaner provides particularly low-noise working. Equipped with a dual filtration system consisting of cartridge and paper filters. 

Cleanserv VL2-70 – robust wet & dry vacuum cleaner

The wet & dry vacuum cleaner Cleanserv VL2-70 is equipped with a sturdy operating handle. Thanks to its large wheels, thresholds and steps are no problem at all. The machine’s two powerful bypass-cooled suction motors, which provide a total output of 2,600 Watt, can be activated separately. The hopper – made of impact-resistant plastic – is hinged to a tipping device at the chassis to provide easy emptying. A practical click system allows quick disconnecting of the suction hose from the casing. Another benefit of the Cleanserv VL2-70 is its antimicrobial Sanifilter providing clean waste air. 

Cleanserv VL3-70 – for industrial use

Cleanserv VL3-70 is a high-performance wet & dry vacuum cleaner for industrial use. This machine is equipped with three low-noise bypass motors with a total output of 3,600 Watt and is ideal for removing dust, shavings, oily fibres and fluids.

  • Fluids can easily be disposed of via the tipping device at the chassis or the practical drain hose. 
  • The robust chassis is equipped with a sturdy operating handle and large wheels. 
  • The hopper is made of almost indestructable stainless steel to ensure a long service life. 
  • Ensures improved hygiene: the antimicrobial Sanifilter providing clean waste air. 

Cleanserv VL1-15 / VL1-30 – wet & dry vacuum cleaners for hard floors and carpets

The wet & dry vacuum cleaners Cleanserv VL1-15/VL1-30 provide fast daily maintenance cleaning of both hard and carpeted floors. These models are particularly stable and tip-resistant. The low-noise bypass motor with separate cooling- and suction airflow has been designed to provide a long service life. The germ-reducing fibrous filter ensures excellent hygiene. In addition, this machine is very robust: The light-weight, plastic-coated aluminium suction pipe is highly impact-resistant. If compared with the Cleanserv VL1-15, the Cleanserv VL1-30 offers a larger hopper capacity (25 litres) and a longer suction hose (2.5 m). The operating handle is adjustable and collapsible to allow easy transport. 

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