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As comfortable as a
commercial vehicle

With a drive-through width
of only 162 cm

Can be driven by anyone holding
a Class B driving licence

Multicar M27compact

Load and implement carrier in the 3.5-t class

As comfortable as a
commercial vehicle

With a drive-through width
of only 162 cm

Can be driven by anyone holding
a Class B driving licence

The Multicar 27compact combines the efficiency and flexibility of a multifunctional implement carrier and transporter with the comfort and reliability of a commercial vehicle. This Multicar can transport payloads of over 1 t. Or you can use the vehicle as a flexible implement carrier with upgrade options for a wide range of both electrical and hydraulic applications in all seasons. 

  • Optimally suited for working in difficult-to-access areas thanks to its small width of only 162 cm 
  • “One for All”: one basic vehicle, many application solutions
  • Servicing: easy access to all components 
  • Interfaces provide fast and safe changing of attachments
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

Fully-fledged transport & utility vehicle – no lorry licence required

This compact 3.5-t vehicle can be driven by anyone holding a Class B driving licence, which ensures efficient and flexible operation.  

More safety at work

The 2-person space-frame cabin is comfortable, safe and ergonomic. The tinted panoramic windscreen allows a good all-round view onto the traffic area and the tools. 

Saves time, increases economic efficiency

With its top speed of 80 km/h, the Multicar 27compact is licensed for motorway travel, which reduces the time spent travelling from one job site to another. 

Special features

Convincing ideas

Allows easy upgrading: The robust, bolted commercial-vehicle frame with connection points for different superstructures or loading beds. 

Short braking distances and increased safety: The Multicar M27compact is equipped with a 4-channel ABS and disc brakes on all four wheels as a standard.

Precise steering and high levels of driving stability thanks to the comfortably sprung single-wheel suspension. Ideal when driving at higher speeds or when working with front attachments. 

Robust chassis with connection points for different superstructures: from a tipper for transport tasks, or gritting and brine spraying devices, to water tanks equipped with pumps. 

Everything within easy reach: Clearly structured operating panel with function switches and a joystick allowing centrally controlled operation of the machine’s functions in drive mode. 

Safe and fatigue-free working: Ergonomically shaped and individually adjustable seats with headrests. Comfortable, non-slip cabin entrance with additional handholds. 

Clearly structured cockpit with a multifunctional display: The information centre for the driver; equipped with a speed and rpm indicator, fuel gauge, water temperature indicator, and digital displays for the hydraulic oil temperature, operating hours and hydraulic system as well as a digital clock. 


Maximum multifunctionality for a wide range of applications

The Multicar M27compact is a “One-for-All” solution for maximum multifunctionality. You need only one basic vehicle to cover a wide range of applications, which means that this load & implement carrier provides effective and economically efficient operation all year round. 

Multicar M27compact: “One for All”

The comprehensive range of attachments available for the Multicar M27compact allows easy re-tooling of the vehicle for different applications.  In no time at all, this Multicar can be turned into 

  • a professional winter service vehicle.

  • a container transporter. 

  • a safe lifting platform. 

  • a machine providing wet cleaning of large areas.

  • Or it can be used to clean traffic management facilities, such as traffic lights and crash barriers.

Multifunctionality without compromise

The vehicle’s consistent multifunctionality allowing all-season use ensures that the Multicar M27compact goes easy on your budget by reducing both your investment and operating costs. 

Customised interfaces

The Multicar M27compact offers suitable interfaces allowing the fast and easy changing of attachments. Depending on your individual requirements, the following attachments and features are available: 

  • front lift with attachment mounting plate

  • robust, bolted commercial-vehicle frame with connection points for different superstructures or loading beds

  • rear brackets, electric sockets, and hydraulic couplings to control the devices

  • disconnectable interface between the tipping cylinder and the tipper

  • electrical interface at the centre of the vehicle to connect and control attachment devices

Green area maintenance
Waste management
Winter service
Road maintenance
Wet cleaning
Special applications
Technical data

Multicar M27compact at a glance

Multicar M27compact
Engine and gearbox
EngineVolkswagen four-cylinder turbo diesel
Displacement1968 cm³
Output55 kW (75 HP) @ 2700 RPM
Max. torque240 Nm @ 1750 RPM
GearboxDual-synchronised 5-speed transmission with reverse gear
Exhaust emissions97/68/EC, Stage 3B
Working characteristics (selectable)
Hydraulicstipper hydraulics, control functions for front attachments, 1 – 2 hydraulic work circuits
ElectricsE-interface centrally at the front
Attachment connection point, frontfront lift with attachment plate
Attachment connection point, centrictipper crossbar, loading bed/tipper superstructure
Attachment connection point, rearfastening straps
Drive and steering
Drive optionsdriver-engaged all-wheel drive with mechanical crawler gear, mechanical differential lock at the rear
Speed range0.6 – 80 km/h
Steeringfront wheel steering
Tank capacity90 litres
Braking systemhydraulic dual-circuit braking system with 4 ventilated disc brakes, brake booster, 4-channel ABS; mechanical parking brake acting on the rear axle
Load values
Permissible gross vehicle weight3.5 t/4.5 t
Unladen weightfrom 2.2 t
Basic vehicle
Chassiscomfortably sprung chassis, hydraulic vibration dampers, stabiliser at the rear
Framebolted commercial vehicle frame with ball point connections for a loading bed, tipper or superstructures
Front axlesteering axle, optional steering drive axle, independent suspension with coil springs
Rear axledrive axle, rigid axle with leaf springs and additional rubber springs
Tyres225/75 R16C (summer/winter), optionally 285/65 R16C
Cabin2-person comfort space-frame cabin; tinted panoramic windscreen (laminated safety glass); doors with wind-up windows, windows in the lower door area
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