Modular principle for maximum

Compact vehicle with
a small turning circle

Hydrostatic drive

Multicar M29

Narrow-gauge load and implement carrier in the 6-t class

Modular principle for maximum

Compact vehicle with
a small turning circle

Hydrostatic drive

The Multicar M29 is your compact, manoeuvrable and flexible solution for all-season applications: sweeping in the spring, mowing in the summer, collecting leaves in autumn, and clearing snow in the winter. Thanks to its modular concept, this narrow-gauge load & implement carrier is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications: from municipal tasks to gardening & landscaping or waste management. Payloads of up to 3.2 t ensure that you can make perfect use of the machine’s resources throughout the year. For increased efficiency and particularly economical operation. 

  • Quickly off to the next job site with a top speed of 62 km/h 
  • Working in confined areas: The vehicle has a width of only 132 cm and a small turning circle
  • Optimal working conditions for the driver
  • Modular concept for maximum flexibility and multifunctionality
  • Easy-to-use quick-change system with interfaces for approximately 100 different attachment devices

U-turns in the smallest of spaces

Thanks to its compact dimensions with a vehicle width of only 132 cm as well as its small turning circle of only 3.25 m, the Multicar M29 is perfectly suited for working in confined areas. 

Ergonomic design – comfortable working

This load & implement carrier offers optimal working conditions for the driver. The workplace is particularly ergonomic and all operating elements are within easy reach. 

Working uphill

Inclines are no problem at all for the Multicar M29, thanks to the infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with mechanical gear reduction. Provides optimal speed adjustment, in particular when working uphill. 

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail

Perfect all-round view: Large windscreen and side windows; both the additional rear window and large wing mirrors ensure an excellent all-round view. Obstacles can be identified early to prevent collisions. 

Ease of use: Both the hydrostatic drive and the functions of attachment devices can be centrally controlled via a joystick. 

Clearly structured cockpit and comfortable working: All functions are in clear view and within easy reach of the driver. The air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in all seasons. 

Safe and comfortable: The Multicar M29 is equipped with variable hydrostatic braking power as a standard. 

Optimal seating position: Comfort suspension seats with length, backrest, weight and angle adjustment. 

Quickly from one job site to the next: With its top speed of 62 km/h, the Multicar M29 is licensed for motorway travel, which allows even more efficient and economical operation. 

Working in environmental zones and other sensitive areas: The Multicar M29 ensures low-emission and low-noise working. 

Highly resilient and safe: The vehicle’s state-of-the-art, spring-mounted commercial-vehicle axles ensure high payloads and safe driving characteristics.

Stable driving characteristics in all situations: The robust frame is part of the vehicle’s safety concept. 

Highest safety level – in line with the high standards applied in lorry construction. With all-wheel drive, disc brakes, integrated hydrostatic ABS, daytime running lights (standard equipment), large reflectors, and a bright LED flashing beacon. 

Efficient maintenance work: The 4-point support system ensures that all components are easily accessible. 

More back-friendly: The Multicar M29 has been awarded the AGR quality label (by the German association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.). High levels of seating comfort and flexibility as well as Hako’s quick-change system allowing easy one-man operation without the need for tools make this machine particularly back-friendly, which has been independently tested and approved by AGR. 


Consistent multifunctionality for hundreds of different applications

The Multicar M29 has been designed according to the modular principle right down to the last detail. This concept in combination with Hako’s quick-change system ensures that the basic vehicle of this narrow-gauge load & implement carrier can be re-tooled for a wide range of applications in no time at all. Approximately 100 different front attachments, superstructures, rear attachments and trailers are available to ensure particularly economically efficient operation in all sectors requiring multifunctional working. 

Municipal cleaning throughout the seasons
“One for All”: For a wide range of applications
Comfortable quick-change system

Provides flexible all-season use 


The Multicar M29 is your economically efficient solution for all tasks in the field of municipal cleaning – in all seasons. Thanks to the wide range of attachments available, the vehicle can carry out a variety of different jobs, e.g. it can be used as a sweeper, for winter service or wet cleaning tasks, to collect leaves in autumn, and much more. 

One machine, a whole host of possibilities


The Multicar M29 can be used as a versatile implement carrier for a wide range of applications, e.g. for transport tasks, in agriculture, waste management, fruit & wine growing and green area maintenance or as a carrier vehicle for special hydraulic tools. This one vehicle therefore offers a large number of solutions in the field of Municipal Technology and beyond. 

Green area maintenance
Waste management
Winter service
Road maintenance
Wet cleaning
Special applications
Fruit and wine growing

Quickly re-tooled for the next application 


Technical Data

The Multicar M29 at a glance

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