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High levels of driving safety
due to ABS

Three-in-one: Sweeping,
wet cleaning, winter service

Top performance in the
2-m³ class

Citymaster 2200

Multifunctional outdoor cleaning machine in the 6-t class

High levels of driving safety
due to ABS

Three-in-one: Sweeping,
wet cleaning, winter service

Top performance in the
2-m³ class

The Citymaster 2200 provides maximum economic efficiency, safety and flexibility in the field of city cleaning. Top-of-the-range components meet the highest demands in terms of quality and durability, down to the last detail.  Designed for all-season application: The Citymaster 2200 does not only provide excellent sweeping results, but can also be used for wet cleaning and winter service tasks. 

  • Can also work in difficult-to-access areas: 2- or 3-broom sweeping systems
  • Professional broom control system (standard equipment)
  • High levels of working comfort for the driver
  • Largest hopper in its class with a capacity of 2 m³
  • Quick-change system for a wide range of attachments

Largest hopper in its class

With its 2-m³ hopper and a high payload,the Citymaster 2200 ensures extremely time-efficient working. The stainless-steel hopper with smooth inner walls allows easy emptying and cleaning. 

Flexible working

Both the 2- and 3-broom systems are extremely flexible in every-day use. The sweeping brooms allow trouble-free working even in difficult-to-access areas. Different brooms are available for different sweeping tasks. 

Maximum sweeping performance

Due to its working width of up to 260 cm and a height offset of up to 250 mm, the Citymaster 2200 can even carry out particularly demanding tasks. The brooms are equipped with a comprehensive collision protection system. The circulating water system ensures efficient dust control. 

Special features

Citymaster 2200: Designed with much attention to detail

1-button operating system provides ease of use: The sweeping functions can be started at the push of a button. 

All functions under control: The driver comfortably controls all functions of the Citymaster 2200 via a joystick or a multi-function switch.

A good overview at all times: Optional camera systems increase the driver’s field of view by 270° – and he never needs to take his eyes off the work on hand. This ensures more safety on the road and fewer collision damages.

Low-noise working thanks to the noise-reducing “silent broom” with up to 99 dB(A): Particularly pleasant for both the driver and the environment. 

Extremely comfortable workplace: Equipped with back-friendly and individually adjustable seats and a heating system/ air conditioning; getting in and out of the vehicle is particularly convenient.  

Efficient quick-change system: Easy mounting of attachments reduces re-tooling times and ensures highly flexible all-season use. 

For increased safety: We carry out safety tests that meet the highest standards, which has been certified by DEKRA, to ensure maximum safety in the cabin. 

A safe basis: The robust frame of the Citymaster 2200 is made of high-quality material to prevent warping. Made in Germany.

Robust and safe: Corrosion-protected by cathodic dip coating and wax-conservation; highly stressed parts are made of galvanised stainless steel.

High payload and safe driving characteristics thanks to highly resilient, spring-mounted commercial-vehicle axles made in Germany.  

Quickly from one job site to the next: With its top speed of 62 km/h, the Citymaster 2200 is licensed for motorway travel, which ensures that the vehicle quickly arrives at the next job site. For reduced driving times and increased economic efficiency. 

More back-friendly: The Citymaster 2200 has been awarded the AGR quality label (by the German association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.). High levels of seating comfort and flexibility as well as Hako’s quick-change system allowing easy one-man operation without the need for tools make this machine particularly back-friendly, which has been independently tested and approved by AGR.


The perfect machine for all-season use

When it comes to municipal applications, each season comes with its very own challenges. The Citymaster 2200 provides economically efficient solutions that meet every requirement. The vehicle’s consistent multifunctionality ensures particularly efficient and flexible operation while reducing investment costs. 

The 3-in-1 machine: Sweeping, wet cleaning, winter service

Your advantage: multifunctionality. The Citymaster 2200 is not only extremely effective and economical when used as a compact professional sweeper, but also provides efficient all-season use. The quick-change system allows easy demounting of the sweeping technology by the driver and subsequent utilisation for wet-cleaning (sluicing and scrubbing) and winter service (snow clearing and gritting) tasks. Equipped with ABS and an optional differential lock, this machine ensures safe working in icy and snowy conditions. 

Wet cleaning: Brilliant results in the city

  • Equipping the Citymaster 2200 with a scrub deck turns this vehicle into a superior cleaning machine for all tasks involving large and smoothly paved areas including natural stone surfaces. The suction duct can be equipped with an additional tool to remove even particularly stubborn dirt. 
  • Sluicing systems provide efficient dust control and cleaning of roads and paths. 
Wet cleaning
Winter service
Green area maintenance
Technical data

Citymaster 2200 at a glance

Citymaster 2200
Engine (type, emission standard, exhaust gas treatment)Diesel 80 kW, EU6, DOC, DPF, SCR
Type approval / driving licenceLorry N2, Class C/C1/C1E
DriveHydrostat, 4x2, 62 km/h
Chassis and steeringlead frame with coil-sprung axles, shock absorbers, all-wheel steering
Tyres225/75 R16C // 285/65 R16C
Braking system4-disc dual circuit brake, ABS, drum parking brake at the rear
Cabin2-person comfort cabin according to ECE R29, space-frame design. Tinted panoramic windscreen made of laminated safety glass. Doors with forward- and backward-opening sliding windows, windows in the lower door area, hot water heating / air conditioning
Unladen weights3320 kg / 3540 kg / 3650 kg (Total weight with hopper/2B/3B)
Permissible weights6000 kg / 3200 kg / 3200 kg (Total weight/2B/3B)
Dimensions4950 x 1320 x 2055 mm
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