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Public Institutions

A “clean affair” for citizens and employees

Public facilities require maximum cleanliness. This applies, in particular, to public areas where people meet and gather: e.g. schools and other educational institutions, sports facilities, swimming pools, but also, of course, town halls and public authority buildings. Hako’s machines provide comfortable and economically efficient working while meeting individual cleaning requirements: e.g. low-noise working in offices and hallways, high levels of manoeuvrability for working in confined areas, and particularly powerful solutions allowing fast and efficient cleaning of large areas.


  • Cleaning solutions for public institutions, all from a single source
  • Invitingly clean rooms at all times – e.g. offices, class rooms and foyers
  • Perfectly matched machines, accessories and cleaning detergents
  • Compact and manoeuvrable machines for efficient indoor cleaning tasks
  • Economically efficient all-rounders for every season: for changing seasonal requirements in outdoor areas and sports facilities
Putzmaschine beim Einsatz im öffentlichen Dienst bzw. Reinigen eines Schwimmbads.

Product recommendations scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster B5 ORBScrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 900 m²/h,
43 cm working width
Scrubmaster B/E8Walk-behind scrubber-drier:
Area performance up to 1,320 m²/h
33 cm working width

Product recommendations sweepers and vacuum-sweepers

Sweepmaster B800 RVacuum sweeper:
Sweeping performance up to 6,600 m²/h, 89 or 110 cm working width

Product recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

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Citymaster 650Outdoor cleaning machine:
2-t class, 25 kW enginge
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