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Gardening & Landscaping

Machines for all-season use


In gardening & landscaping, each season comes with its own challenges for Municipal Technology products: e.g. ground’s maintenance, weed removal, watering, cleaning, winter service or transporting loads. Hako has the right solutions for various different applications. A wide range of attachments and superstructures available allow fast re-tooling of the machines, which means that you need only one machine to cover almost any application – economically efficient and flexible: for constantly changing tasks, different types of ground- and working conditions as well as seasonal particularities.


  • Consistent multifunctionality for increased efficiency and reduced investment costs
  • Robust work- and transport machines you can rely on – under any circumstances
  • Superior quality “made in Germany”
  • Implement carriers with all-wheel drive and articulated joint, sweepers, multifunctional narrow-gauge implement carriers and transporters
Kommunalfahrzeug bei der Grünpflege, Unkrautbekämpfung und Bewässerung einer Wiese.

Product recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

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Citymaster 650Outdoor cleaning machine:
2-t class, 25 kW enginge
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Citymaster 1650Outdoor cleaning machine:
3.5-t class, 55 kW engine
All-electric Citymaster 1650 ZEOutdoor cleaning machine:
3.5-t class, 55 kW engine

Product recommendations multifunctional load and implement carriers

Multicar M29Load and implement carrier:
6-t class, 80 kW engine
Multicar M31Load an implement carrier:
6-t class, 110 kW engine
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