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Hotel & Catering

Clean hospitality


In the hotel and catering industry, extremely high demands are placed on hygiene and cleanliness in highly-frequented areas, while at the same time a growing environmental awareness among guests has to be taken into consideration. Hako fulfils your customers’ wish for “convincing hospitality“: with safe, efficient and environmentally friendly machines. Compact, low-noise and manoeuvrable solutions providing easy and economically efficient operation are available for indoor areas – using as little cleaning chemicals as possible. The machines’ superior cleaning performance allows fast and efficient cleaning even of large in- and outdoor areas.  Cleanliness and value retention: from the car park and the lobby to common rooms and hygiene-sensitive areas.


  • Particularly low-noise dry vacuum cleaners for use in lobbies or foyers provide fast and efficient cleaning during day-to-day operation – even in difficult-to-access areas and corners
  • Economically efficient scrubber-driers ensure hygienic cleanliness on smooth or structured surfaces
  • Compact ride-on sweepers for use in (multi-storey) car parks
  • Walk-behind vacuum sweepers for use in small or medium-sized outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants – available as petrol- or battery-powered versions


Product recommendations scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster B5 ORBScrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 900 m²/h,
43 cm working width
Scrubmaster B/E8Walk-behind scrubber-drier:
Area performance up to 1,320 m²/h
33 cm working width

Product recommendations vacuum sweepers

Product recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

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Citymaster 650Outdoor cleaning machine:
2-t class, 25 kW enginge
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