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Industry & Commerce

Cleanliness all along the line


The challenges for industrial and commercial enterprises lie, on the one hand, in tackling heavy every-day soiling, and, on the other hand, in not interfering with closely timed production processes. Hako offers the perfect solution for every branch of industry – from mechanical engineering to the chemical or food-processing industry. Hako’s robust machines meet the highest demands in terms of durability and economic efficiency by providing dust-free and time-saving cleaning of small, medium-sized and large areas. Maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily to ensure safe and trouble-free work cycles.


  • Suitable solutions for all industrial and commercial enterprises
  • Efficient and maintenance-friendly machines “made in Germany” that meet the most demanding requirements
  • Tailored solutions: economically efficient cleaning of small, medium-sized and large areas
Eine Putzmaschine beim Reinigen einer Fabrik bzw. beim Einsatz in der Industrie.

Product recommendations scrubber-driers and vacuum sweeper & scrubber-drier combi machines

Scrubmaster B75 iAutonomous scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 2,340 m²/h,
65 cm working width
Scrubmaster B260 RScrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 8,600 m²/h,
108 or 123 cm working width
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Scrubmaster B400 R SeriesScrubber-driers and vacuum sweeper & scrubber-drier combi machines:
Cleaning performance
up to 14,000 m²/h,
123 or 155 cm working width

Product recommendations vacuum sweepers

Product recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

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Citymaster 650Outdoor cleaning machine:
2-t class, 25 kW enginge
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