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Heavy-duty design for robust and economically efficient long-term operation

Wherever goods are stored, transported or produced, dirt is unavoidable: e.g. cardboard- steel- and wood residue or marks on the floor caused by vehicle traffic. Hako’s machines – from scrubber-driers and vacuum sweepers to wet & dry vacuum cleaners – provide comfortable and economically efficient cleaning. We can offer the perfect solution for every requirement because at Hako we always develop our products with particular applications in mind. For example compact machines for use in narrow corridors or efficient solutions providing a particularly high cleaning performance for use in large areas. In addition, Hako offers superior solutions for outdoor applications: from cleaning large areas with ride-on machines to carrying out more detailed cleaning tasks with walk-behind vacuum sweepers.


  • Ride-on vacuum sweepers providing a sweeping performance of up to 16,200 m²/h
  • High-performance dust filter systems providing a separation efficiency of 99.5 % as well as effective dust- and dirt- particle-binding properties
  • Comprehensive accessories for almost any sweeping task in intralogistics and production facilities
  • Compact, powerful and versatile multifunctional machines


Kehrmaschine beim Einsatz in einer Lagerhalle bzw. beim Reinigen eines Warenlagers.

Product recommendations vacuum-sweepers

Product recommendations scrubber-driers and vacuum sweeper & scrubber-drier combi machines

Scrubmaster B75 iAutonomous scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 2,340 m²/h,
65 cm working width
Scrubmaster B260 RScrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 8,600 m²/h,
108 or 123 cm working width
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Scrubmaster B400 R SeriesScrubber-driers and vacuum sweeper & scrubber-drier combi machines:
Cleaning performance
up to 14,000 m²/h,
123 or 155 cm working width

Product recommendations sweepers and implement carriers with all-wheel steering and articulated joint

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Citymaster 650Outdoor cleaning machine:
2-t class, 25 kW enginge
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