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Cleaning detergents and
floor care products


Hako’s low-foaming cleaning detergents are perfectly suited for use in Hako cleaning machines. Hako offers you a wide range of cleaning detergents providing fast and efficient removal of different kinds of dirt. Being supplied as concentrates, our detergents are also extremely economical in use. 

Environmentally-friendly right from the start
Using health- and environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents makes a significant contribution to protecting both the user and the environment. The advantage of highly concentrated cleaning detergents is that less water is used throughout the entire process – from production to application.  

Made for professional cleaning tasks
Hako’s cleaning detergents are perfectly suited for use in Hako scrubber-driers. Our particularly low-foaming detergents for hard floors are up to 98% neutral and remove dirt and grease effortlessly. Thanks to their lime-binding properties, no streaks are left on the floor after drying. 

For severe soiling
Hako’s special cleaners quickly and efficiently remove oil spills and rubber abrasion from industrial floors and concrete surfaces. 

Cleanliness for all your senses
When using Hako’s cleaning detergents, the result is not only pleasing to the eye and feels good to the touch, it also smells very nice. Fresh scents smelling of lemon or apple, but also neutral scents, are available to create a pleasant ambient atmosphere. 

Hako-Chemical on Demand:
for superior cleanliness

Hako-Chemical on Demand provides excellent economic efficiency and superior cleanliness at the push of a button – through precise and economical dosing. Cleaning detergents are only used when necessary, which ensures that floors with a low level of soiling can be cleaned without using any chemicals at all. And using fewer cleaning chemicals means increased economic efficiency. 

to protect the environment

Hako-LessChem saves cleaning detergents: Hako’s dosing and filling systems prevent incorrect dosing and ensure that only small amounts of chemicals are needed to provide reliable and environmentally-friendly cleaning. Superior products such as our highly-concentrated cleaning detergent Cleanol SE ECO, which has been awarded the European Eco Label, additionally reduce the environmental footprint. 

Polymeric dispersions and floor care products for Hako polishing machines

Polyfit ¹
Metal-bonded polymer wax based on acrylic polymers, suitable for use on all water-resistant hard floors, creates a hard-wearing, elastic and glossy protective layer. 

Durablack ¹
Black, metal-bonded polymer wax for the permanent sealing of porous and worn floors. 

Duracryl ¹
Metal-bonded polymer wax filling the pores of porous floors. 

Gelwax ¹
Care product & detergent for the daily maintenance cleaning of floors that have been treated with polymer wax. 

Finish ¹
Care product & detergent for the daily maintenance cleaning of floors that have been treated with polymer wax.

Cleaning detergents for Hako cleaning machines

Cleanol-SE ECO

Highly-concentrated cleaning detergent suitable for daily use, 2-litre containers, especially for use with on-board dosing systems

Defoam ¹

Silicone-based anti-foam product, suitable for use with all heavily-foaming cleaning detergents, pH value 6.5–7.5

Binol ¹ ²

Floor cleaner suitable for daily use, particularly cost-effective, pH value 7.5–8.5 undiluted

Polyclean ¹ ²

Combined cleaning & care product suitable for daily use, pH value 6.5–7.5 undiluted

Cleanol-S ¹ ²

Basic cleaner, removes encrusted dirt, oil and grease residues, pH value 13–14 undiluted

Cleanol-HD ¹ ²

Industrial cleaner, removes any kind of dirt, even wax and emulsion layers, pH value 13–14 undiluted

Cleanol-I ¹ ²

Oil and grease remover, pH value 7.5–8.5 undiluted

Cleanol-R ¹ ²

(for manual application) Removes rubber abrasion from industrial floors, pH value 11.5–12.5

Cleanol-K ¹ ²

Surfactant-free cleaning detergent for micro-porous surfaces, particularly suited for use on stoneware tiles, pH value 10–11 undiluted

Cleanol-Sport ¹ ²

Maintenance cleaner for sports hall floors, pH value 7.5–8.5 undiluted, compliant with DIN 18032

Cleanol-Food ¹ ²

Floor cleaner for the food industry, pH value 13.5–14 undiluted

Carpofit ¹

Spray-extraction carpet cleaner for water-resistant and colourfast carpets and upholstered furniture, pH-neutral

Cleanol-G ¹ ²

Floor cleaner for the food industry, ideally suited to remove organic soiling, pH value 13 undiluted

Cleanol Smell X ¹

Microbiological odour eliminator, pH value 8 undiluted

Cleanol Xtra ¹ ²

Powerful floor cleaner suitable for daily use, pH value 11 undiluted


Powerful floor cleaner, highly concentrated and economical in use, pH value 8.5 undiluted

Polyclean-SE ¹

Floor cleaner, highly concentrated, low-foam, pH value 9.5 undiluted

Available as: ¹ 10-litre container or ² 200-litre barrel

Cleaning detergents for Hako-CityCleaner


Oil remover suitable for cleaning roads, bicycle- and footpaths


Cleaning detergent for use on roads, bicycle- and footpaths

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