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Sweeping and sweeping & vacuuming 


Sweepmasters are the ideal choice when it comes to thoroughly sweeping or sweeping & vacuuming workshops, production halls, warehouses, parking facilities or outdoor areas. Both our walk-behind and ride-on machines provide excellent performance in terms of economic efficiency and user-friendliness and have been designed with much attention to detail.  

Handkehrmaschine beim Reinigen einer Werkstatt oder Lagerhalle.

Compact and manoeuvrable: 
Walk-behind sweepers and vacuum sweepers

The machines from our Sweepmaster product line reliably sweep up dirt particles, dust and light debris. Providing a cleaning performance of up to over 3,000 m²/h, they are ideally suited for use in workshops, production halls and warehouses or to perform light-duty outdoor cleaning tasks. Both the machines’ large dirt hopper capacity and effective filter systems ensure efficient cleaning. And what’s more: High levels of operating comfort are always included.  

Aufsitzkehrmaschine beim Reinigen von Outdoor- bzw. Außenflächen.

Efficient and flexible:
Ride-on sweepers and vacuum sweepers

They provide economically efficient, high-performance industrial cleaning: the ride-on machines from Hako’s Sweepmaster product line. The spectrum ranges from particularly compact and manoeuvrable machines to universal models providing a cleaning performance of up to over 16,000 m²/h. We have the right solution for every requirement: Whether the task on hand is to clean warehouses and production halls or paved outdoor areas: Our Sweepmaster models meet the highest demands in terms of cost-effective application.  

Schmutz wird aus Kehrgutbehälter in Container entladen.

Comfortable high dump

Some of our models allow high-dumping of the dirt hopper contents directly into a standard waste container at the push of a button.  

Einfach zugängliche Technik einer Motorkehrmaschine.

Rapid service

Easy-to-access technology minimises downtimes. For more efficient working and increased cost-effectiveness.  

Filter einer Kehrmaschine wird nach der Anwendung gereinigt.

High-performance dust filters

Our high-performance dust filter systems ensure a filtration degree of 99.5 %. Cleaning the filter is particularly easy.   

Zubehör einer Kehrmaschine, zum Beispiel ein zusätzlicher Kehrbesen.

A wide range of accessories

Equipped with suitable accessories, Sweepmaster machines are the ideal solution for almost any sweeping task in industry, trade and commerce.  

Sweepmaster – Walk-behind vacuum sweepers

Sweepmaster M600Sweeper:
Sweeping performance up to 2,300 m²/h, 67 cm working width
Sweepmaster B500Vacuum sweeper:
Sweeping performance up to 2,400 m²/h, 60 cm working width
Sweepmaster 650Vacuum sweeper:
Sweeping performance: up to 3,525 m²/h, 70.5 cm working width
Sweepmaster 800Vacuum sweeper:
Sweeping performance up to 4,350 m²/h, 87 cm working width

Sweepmaster – Ride-on vacuum sweepers

PowerBoss – Ride-on vacuum sweeper

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