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Large, individually configurable
driver’s cabin

safety concept

All-wheel steering for
optimal manoeuvring

Citymaster 2250

Multifunctional outdoor cleaning machine in the 6-t class

Large, individually configurable
driver’s cabin

safety concept

All-wheel steering for
optimal manoeuvring

More comfort, safety and efficiency in the 6-t class: this is what the Citymaster 2250 stands for – as a compact sweeper or as a versatile implement carrier for all-season use. With a crash-tested, individually equipped cabin with variable interior space utilisation, an optimised amount of space even in the head area as well as ergonomically designed operating elements, the Citymaster 2250 meets the driver’s every need – and thus increases efficiency on the job and safety at work: for example, through generous glazing and optional features for an unobstructed view onto the entire working environment.

  • Large cabin with a variable interior space concept
  • Ergonomic workplace and excellent user friendliness
  • Full-LED lighting system
  • Heavy-duty chassis with disc brakes and ABS
  • Large 2-m3 stainless steel hopper
  • Options such as a camera system and a turn-off (blind spot) assistant for more safety on the road
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Large size for superior efficiency


More comfort

Ergonomic workplace design, generous space and optimal air conditioning.

More output

Multifunctional design for economically efficient year-round use and full capacity utilisation in every season.

More safety

Large-area glazing and a well-thought-out exterior mirror concept as well as a crash-tested driver’s cabin and a stable, robust vehicle design.

More room for excellent performance

The cabin of the Citymaster 2250 is made for the driver: with plenty of space, individually configurable interior equipment and ergonomically arranged control elements as well as consistent right- or left-hand operation.

Working with a cool head

The optimised air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in the driver’s cabin even on hot or cold days. In addition, the new, light-coloured cabin roof reduces heat radiation in the head area in the summer.

Safe on the road

With extensive cabin glazing, intelligently positioned exterior mirrors and options such as cameras or a turn-off (blind spot) assistant, the driver has an unobstructed view of his entire working environment – for the safety of all road users.

Made for the driver

Various seat configurations and storage options allow variable use of space, optimally tailored to the operator’s needs.

1  Steering
2  Operation
3  Driver's seat
4  Storage box
5  Comfort seat
6  Auxiliary seat


Citymaster 2250: Clever ideas for practical application

True to track with symmetrical all-wheel steering: for optimum manoeuvring and sweeping close to edges and kerbs – even in bends.

Crash-tested and found to be safe: the ECE-R29-tested driver’s cabin ensures safety in every traffic situation.   

More comfort through ergonomics: from the comfortable driver’s seat to the adjustable steering wheel and control armrest.

All functions at your fingertips: control unit with 6-way keypad and rotary pushbutton in the function armrest.

Always correctly adjusted: the steering wheel is adjustable in height and tilt – for adaptation to the driver’s individual sitting position.

All-round vision with a 270° camera system (optional): cameras at the side and rear extend the driver’s field of vision.

Turn-off assistant for more safety when turning (optional): detects road users in the blind spot and warns the driver.

Convenient emptying by remote control (optional): for easy and safe emptying of the large 2-m3 hopper.


Ready for anything – 365 days a year

To provide maximum flexibility and economic efficiency, the Citymaster 2250 has been designed as a sweeper with additional benefits. Thanks to the quick-change system, it can be re-tooled quickly and easily. For example, with a:

• 2- or 3-broom sweeping unit and a large 2-m3 hopper for reliably good results on all levels
• scrubbing deck to remove stubborn dirt
• weed broom for mechanical removal and collection of weeds
• snow blade, front sweeper and silo gritter or a brine spraying system against ice and snow

The sweeper with additional benefits – for economically efficient all-season use

When used as a sweeper, the Citymaster 2250 impresses with its cost-effectiveness and flexibility: equipped with a 2- or 3-broom sweeping system, this machine can effortlessly clean even difficult-to-access areas as well as traffic islands or surfaces on different levels. Furthermore, the quick-change system provides fast and uncomplicated re-tooling for other seasonal applications.

Intensive wet cleaning of all surfaces with the scrubbing deck

  • For clean results without loss of recovered (dirty) water: thanks to optimal ground adaptation of the scrubbing deck, the individual brushes and the suction duct – even when driving on ramps and inclines or in bends.
  • More efficiency, less costs: the integrated filter system increases the running time per filling and enables pre-cleaning with circulating water as well as post-cleaning with fresh water.

Eco-friendly weed removal: with our weed broom

  • Mechanical removal of weeds from pavements, joints, roadsides and kerbs.
  • Designed for continuous use with consistently good results – even in areas with a particularly dense weed population.
  • Adjustable protective apron.
Wet cleaning
Winter service

Technical data

The Citymaster 2250 at a glance

Citymaster 2250
(type, exhaust gas stage,
exhaust gas after-treatment)
Diesel 80 kW, EU6, DOC, DPF, SCR
Type approval/driver’s licenceLkw N2, Class C/C1/C1E
Traction driveFully hydraulic drive, rear-wheel drive, 62 km/h
Chassis and steeringLadder frame with 2 steering axles, shock absorbers, selectable all-wheel steering
Tyres225/75 R 16 C // 285/65 R 16 C
Brakes4 x 2-circuit disc brakes, ABS, variable hydrostatic braking power, mechanical parking brake at the rear
Driver’s cabin2-seater comfort cabin with occupant protection test according to ECE-R 29,
doors with sliding windows opening to the front and rear, viewing window in the lower area, hot water heating / air conditioning
Empty weights3,610 kg / 3,710 kg (GG mit 2B/3B)
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)6,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)4,964 x 1,330 x 2,090 mm / 4,984 x 1,330 x 2,090 mm (with 2B/3B)
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