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Scrubbing & drying

When it comes to cleaning supermarkets, car showrooms, nursing homes and hospitals, production facilities in the food industry, large logistics facilities, production halls or industrial floors: Hako’s Scrubmaster models carry out every cleaning task efficiently. Our walk-behind and ride-on scrubber-driers provide a cleaning performance of up to 14,000 m²/h – and ensure comfortable handling as well as an optimal view onto the working area thanks to their ergonomic design.  

Handgeführte Scheuersaugmaschine bei der Nassreinigung.

For every-day applications:
Walk-behind scrubber-driers


From compact machines that easily fit into the boot of your car to our hygiene-specialist machines designed for demanding working environments: Hako’s walk-behind scrubber-driers provide economically efficient wet-cleaning of non-textile floors. With a cleaning performance of up to over 4,200 m²/h. 

Aufsitz-Scheuersaugmaschine bei der Reinigung einer Garage.

For highest demands: 
Ride-on scrubber-driers


Scrubbing & drying in a single working step: with Hako’s ride-on scrubber-driers. They are perfectly suited for working in narrow aisles, e.g. in high-bay warehouses, or for cleaning large production halls. These machines are available in working widths of between 65 and 155 cm and provide a cleaning performance of up to 14,000 m²/h.

For a clean future:
Autonomous scrubber-driers

Excellent cleaning results – no driver: autonomous cleaning machines move safely and reliably even in complex environments and provide completely autonomous floor cleaning. For short interim cleaning tasks, these machines can also be used as conventional ride-on scrubber-driers.  

Benefits provided by Scrubmaster scrubber-driers

Scheuermaschine bei Reinigung einer Rampe in einer Garage.

Heavy-duty design

The heavy-duty design of our Scrubmaster models increases the machines’ reliability and minimises downtimes.

Einfache Bedienung einer Wischmaschine für effiziente Reinigung.

Optimal workplace

Our Scrubmasters are particularly ergonomic. All operating elements are clearly arranged to provide efficient working. 

Antibacterial properties

Increased safety and excellent cleaning results also in hygiene-sensitive areas – with our optional feature Hako-AntiBac®.

1-button operating system

Hako’s one-button operating system starts all major cleaning functions at the push of a button.  

AGR-awarded, ergonomic workplaces

Hako ride-on Scrubmasters have been awarded the AGR quality label (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) for their back-friendly overall machine concept, making Hako the first supplier worldwide to have received this accolade for its scrubber-driers! Equipped with ergonomic details such as an individually adjustable comfort seat, clearly arranged operating elements and a height- and tilt-adjustable steering wheel as well as clever ideas facilitating daily machine maintenance, Hako ensures comfortable, fatigue-free – and therefore more efficient – working. Only products that fulfil the strict test criteria defined by AGR e.V. are awarded this quality label – such as Hako’s models Scrubmaster B75 R, B120 R, B175 R and B260 R as well as the new Scrubmaster B400 R Series!

Innovations for people and the environment


The innovative antibacterial tank coating protects the plastic and reduces fungal and bacteria development. This feature not only extends the service life of the tanks, but also ensures improved hygiene and reduced odour development as well as a lower consumption of tank-cleaning disinfectants.


Saves up to 50 % of water, thanks to intelligent brush systems and our automatic water-stop function when the machine stands still. 


Saves cleaning detergents and protects the environment: Hako’s dosing and filling systems prevent incorrect dosing and provide reliably good cleaning results with only small amounts of cleaning chemicals.  


Hako’s quick-charge technology provides longer operating times at a lower capacity as well as interim charging at any 230-V power outlet. 

Cleaning detergents and dosing systems

Perfectly suited cleaning detergents for every type of floor and all applications. Click here to go to our Cleaning Detergents page


Scrubmaster – Walk-behind scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster B5Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 900 m²/h,
43 cm working width
Scrubmaster B/E8Walk-behind scrubber-drier:
Area performance up to 1,320 m²/h
33 cm working width
Scrubmaster B12Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 1,500 m²/h,
38 cm working width
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Scrubmaster B25Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning-performance up to 1,700 m²/h,
43 cm working width
Scrubmaster B30Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 1,900 m²/h,
43 cm working width
Scrubmaster B45Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 2,900 m²/h,
43, 50, 51 or 65 cm working width
Scrubmaster B70Scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 4,200 m²/h,
60, 65, 75 or 85 cm working width
Scrubmaster B90 CLScrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 4,200 m²/h,
85 cm working width

Scrubmaster – Ride-on scrubber-driers

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Scrubmaster B400 R SeriesScrubber-driers and vacuum sweeper & scrubber-drier combi machines:
Cleaning performance
up to 14,000 m²/h,
123 or 155 cm working width

Scrubmaster and RoboScrub – autonomous Ride-on scrubber-driers

Scrubmaster B75 iAutonomous scrubber-drier:
Cleaning performance up to 2,340 m²/h,
65 cm working width
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PowerBoss RoboScrub 20Autonomous cleaning machine:
Cleaning performance up to 2,045 m²/h,
68 cm working width
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