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All-electric Citymaster 1650 ZE

Multifunctional outdoor cleaning machine in the 3.5-t class




Vollelektrisches Kommunalfahrzeug für den Einsatz in der Stadt und in Wohngebieten.

“Zero emissions” and “electromobility” are important topics of the future – also in the field of municipal technology. Based on the Citymaster 1650 – adding the initials “ZE“ to its name, Hako is presenting the new Citymaster 1650 ZE: the first all-electric compact sweeper with additional benefits in the 3.5-t class made by Hako. Equipped with all-electric components, the ZE makes your fleet of municipal vehicles climate-friendly and sustainable, whilst guaranteeing reliably excellent cleaning results and emission-free operation. While noise and particulate emissions are reduced to a minimum, the new Citymaster 1650 ZE provides maximum efficiency, user comfort and safety.

  • Climate-friendly and emission-free
  • Low-noise operation
  • Works up to 9 hours without recharging
  • Spacious cabin for improved ergonomics at the workplace
  • Highly efficient through all-electric drives
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Your alternative: ZE



Municipal vehicle fleets are becoming more eco- and climate-friendly: through reduced exhaust emissions and minimised noise and particulate emissions.

Increased comfort

More driving and operating comfort for the user: ergonomic workplace design and a back-friendly quick-change system.

Outstanding flexibility

365 days, countless tasks – all-electric working: with efficiency benefits compared to classic diesel-hydraulic drives.

Batterie eines multifunktionalen Kommunalfahrzeugs mit Elektromotor bzw. Elektroantrieb.

Sufficient capacity for long working days

Providing up to nine hours of working without recharging, the Citymaster 1650 ZE is well equipped for extended operations, and – with its top speed of up to 40 km/h, quickly gets to the next job site or the nearest charging station for rapid, safe and uncomplicated recharging.

Kommunaltechnik mit Elektroantrieb bei der Reinigung bei Nacht.

Any time, any place

Here’s yet another benefit: the Citymaster 1650 ZE is much quieter than municipal machines with combustion engines, which makes the ZE ideal for working in noise-sensitive environments, e.g. near schools or hospitals, or even working at night.

Ergonomische und einfache Bedienung einer elektrisch betriebenen Kommunalmaschine.

Highly ergonomic, of course!

Given that the Citymaster 1650 ZE is an all-electric sweeper, the main development focus is on the technology used. However, the ZE wouldn`t be a Hako machine if ergonomics didn’t play as big a role as well: the ergonomic workplace concept includes an adjustable steering wheel, a comfort seat, and an armrest with integrated operating elements and functions.

Kommunales Elektrofahrzeug bei der Säuberung von Wegen im öffentlichen Raum.


Citymaster 1650 ZE: clever ideas for practical application

Durch Elektromotor leises Multifunktionales Reinigungsgerät für Kommunal- und Außenflächen.

Pleasantly quiet: with all-electric drive and “silent brooms” for low noise values during sweeping – also in the driver’s cabin.

Praktische und nutzerfreundliche Steuerung einer elektrischen Kommunalmaschine per Display.

Uncomplicated and intuitive: Hako’s 1-button operating system – integrated in the armrest – controls all functions at the push of a button. The large display provides a clear overview of all relevant information.

LED-Scheinwerfer eines vollelektrischen Kommunalfahrzeugs für die Reinigung bei Nacht.

Bright: the bright, energy-saving full LED lights perfectly illuminate the working environment even in poor lighting conditions.

Kamera- und Assistenzsystem einer kommunalen Reinigungsmaschine mit Elektroantrieb.

Safe: large windows offer the driver a good view onto his working environment. In addition, camera systems provide all-round visibility and vision assistance when reversing or turning.

Ergonomic: thanks to the comfort seat – adjustable in all directions – and the comfort suspension, which compensates even larger potholes and bumps through the chassis suspension at the front as well as vibration and noise-damping cab mounts and suspension seats.

Anschluss zum Laden von Geräten wie Smartphones im Kommunalfahrzeug.

Full of energy: thanks to the USB connection at the steering column, the driver can charge his mobile phone whilst working and can be contacted at any time in case of emergencies. 

Flexible: the 2- or 3-broom system of the Citymaster 1650 ZE is highly flexible and adapts to all conditions – for reliably good cleaning results even in heavily built-up areas or around urban furniture.

Class B driving licence: thanks to its GVW of 3.5 t, the Citymaster 1650 ZE can be driven by anyone holding a Class B driving licence.

Umrüstung einer kommunalen und professionellen Kehrmaschine mit Elektromotor.


The new electric multifunctionality

Sweeping, wet cleaning, light winter service: the Citymaster 1650 ZE follows Hako’s multifunctionality principle, but with an all-electric approach. What’s more, the ZE is highly efficient and can also be used as a versatile implement carrier in all seasons. In addition to sweeping up coarse dirt and leaves, the Citymaster 1650 ZE is ideal for carrying out wet cleaning tasks – e.g. to remove particularly stubborn dirt or oil spills – as well as light winter services. The electric drives are not only extremely powerful but also reduce your energy costs.


Wet cleaning

Winter service


1  Sweeping, weed removal, wet cleaning,
    snow clearing, spraying

2  Transport, collecting, gritting

3  Gritting, pulling, spraying

Schnittstellen zum Anbau und Aufbau einer multifunktionalen Kommunalmaschine mit elektrischem Antrieb.
Elektrisches Kombinationsfahrzeug aus Geräteträger und Kehrmaschine säubert einen Eingangsbereich.

Technical data

The Citymaster 1650 ZE at a glance

Citymaster 1650 ZE
Engine (drive/battery)All-electric with high-voltage Li-ion traction battery, system output up to 50 kW, machine runtime up to 9 operating hours
Approval / driving licenceTractor T2a, Class B
DriveAll-electric drive via 2 rear-wheel motors, 2 x 10 kW / 40 kW max output, top speed 40 km/h
Chassis and steeringChassis with fully hydraulic articulated steering, partly suspended chassis (front) with coil springs and shock absorbers, quick-change system
Tyres255/65 R16C (M+S universal tyres § 35 StVO)
BrakesDisc brakes acting on all 4 wheels, auxiliary brake via ground drive, parking brake acting on the rear axle
CabinROPS-tested 1-person safety comfort cabin, 2 framed doors with sliding windows, electric heating and air conditioning
Empty weights2,100 kg (implement carrier), 2,630 kg (sweeper)
Gross vehicle weights3,500 kg / 1,700 kg / 2,400 kg (GVW/front axle/rear axle)
Dimensions (L x W x H)3,830 x 1,280 x 1,970 mm
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