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Oertzen high-pressure cleaners:
professionals for every application


Whether oily, dirty or sooty, rusty, encrusted or weathered surfaces: Oertzen high-pressure cleaners from Hako are the powerhouses for professional cleanliness. With our versatile, robust and powerful water jetting units, you can achieve excellent results in the shortest time possible.

Hako high-pressure cleaners are the solution

Where the performance of standard devices stops, Hako continues. The professional Oertzen high-pressure cleaners for industrial and commercial use set standards in terms of:

  • Efficiency
  • Economical consumption of water and cleaning chemicals
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Ease-of-use

Cold or hot water high-pressure cleaners

With precise spray guns and working pressures of over 1,000 bar, cold water high-pressure cleaners already provide optimum cleaning results in most cases. Where cold water is no longer sufficient, hot water high-pressure cleaners are used. With many advantages:  

  • Efficient working with lower pressure
  • Conserves resources and is environmentally friendly as fewer cleaning chemicals are required
  • Saves time and costs

Depending on the model, the cleaning water is heated using a powerful instantaneous water heater or a stainless-steel boiler with a large heating oil tank. You can also choose between mobile and stationary industrial steam cleaners. If you need a cold and hot water cleaner in one, you can simply connect a Hot water module between the cold cleaner and the spraying equipment – for working with hot water without pressure loss.

Mobile and stationary high-pressure cleaners with electric motors or combustion engines

Cleaning tasks are carried out in a wide variety of places and at different times. In stables or industrial halls, the fixed installation of a surface high-pressure cleaner makes sense. Our cleaning stations have flow rates of up to 3,000 l/h and allow up to three people to work in parallel. Compact units with an electric motor, on the other hand, are suitable for tasks in changing locations with power connections. With working pressures of up to 2,500 bar, electric high-pressure cleaners also remove paint and rust with ease.

Vehicles on construction sites, facades, outdoor facilities: these and other soiling situations often need to be tackled away from power sockets. Hako offers a wide range of electricity-independent petrol or diesel-powered high-pressure cleaners as well as the C200-21 Z with PTO drive for this purpose. Thanks to their large tanks, these robust all-rounders with high-performance power units can also be used for longer periods without interruption. Equipped with standard or optional trolleys and crane eyes, all models are mobile and transportable. 

Particularly demanding situations require special solutions: Our high-pressure trailers are high-pressure cleaners and trailers in one. They can be coupled to standard utility vehicles and transported to the job site quickly and easily, where they not only carry out cleaning and renovation tasks with high pressure. With the integrated units, the trailers also operate other external devices and provide storage space for additional material.

High-pressure cleaning for every industry

Every industry has specific requirements for waterjet technology. It often goes beyond the mere removal of dirt. Cleaning, renovation, sand and abrasive blasting: Oertzen high-pressure cleaners remove dirt, paint and varnish or rust as well as weathering from various surfaces without damaging them – with the right unit for every application, for example:

  • Painting trade
  • Preservation of historical monuments
  • Maintenance of vehicle fleets and machinery
  • Compliance with hygienic standards

Our professional high-pressure cleaners are robust, low-maintenance and durable. Models for industrial use are designed for continuous use 24 hours a day.

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