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60, 65, 75 or 85 cm working width

Cleaning performance: up to 4,200 m²/h

Saves up to 50 % of water

Scrubmaster B70

Walk-behind scrubber-drier for medium-sized to large areas

60, 65, 75 or 85 cm working width

Cleaning performance: up to 4,200 m²/h

Saves up to 50 % of water

Handgeführte Scheuersaugmaschine im Einsatz als Fliesenreinigungsmaschine.

Providing a cleaning performance of up to 4,200 m²/h, the Scrubmaster B70 is ideal for efficiently scrubbing & drying medium-sized to large areas, for example shopping centres and supermarkets, office buildings and public authorities or production halls and warehouses. The machine’s traction is always superior, thanks to non-slip and non-marking tyres. Both the special features and handling characteristics of this scrubber-drier provide particularly economically efficient working. 

  • High levels of reliability and minimised downtimes thanks to the heavy-duty design
  • Wide range of different working widths available
  • Intuitive handling and optimised ergonomics
  • Reduced consumption of water and cleaning chemicals thanks to clever innovations
  • Hako-AntiBac® available as an option, or as a standard with B70 CL

Optimised for individual applications

The Scrubmaster B70 can be configured to meet individual cleaning requirements perfectly. You can select your preferred solutions from a range of brush units with different working widths, disc- or cylindrical brush technology as well as different battery systems and optional extras. This machine is available as standard- or CL version. No matter which machine you select: They are all equipped with a wide range of practical features, for example:

  • Storage compartments
  • Filling level indicator (solution tank)
  • Precise and speed-dependent release of the cleaning solution (Scrubmaster B70 CL and higher)
  • Hako-AquaStop® brushes

Maximum economic efficiency: In every detail

Optimised for economically efficient use: the walk-behind scrubber-drier Scrubmaster B70. The heavy-duty design – the machine is equipped with a brush unit and squeegees made of die-cast aluminium – makes this Scrubmaster particularly reliable while minimising repair costs and downtimes. In addition, optimised ergonomics, intuitive handling and various innovations that reduce the consumption of water and cleaning detergents are important factors in making this machine highly productive.    

Scrubmaster B70 CL: Ideal for cleaning sensitive areas

Sensitive areas require a maximum of hygiene or cleaning according to the HACCP concept. This includes hospitals, nursing homes, canteen kitchens or food-processing companies. The Scrubmaster B70 CL is equipped with all the features required for cleaning hygiene-sensitive areas.

  • Silent-Kit (CLH only): This feature actively provides sound insulation – the noise level is reduced to only 63 dB(A). Activating the silent button reduces noise emissions even further. 
  • Hako-AntiBac® (CL only): Solution and recovery tanks with antibacterial properties. Significantly reduces fungal and bacterial growth in the tank. 
  • Hako-DaytimeCleaning – shortened charging times and extended machine runtimes. Thanks to its quick-charge battery and quick-charge technology, the Scrubmaster B70 CL DTC achieves significantly extended runtimes – despite a lower battery capacity. 

Innovations provide reduced operating costs and increased economic efficiency

Hako’s technological lead contributes to reducing operating costs, increasing economic efficiency and cleaning in a more eco-friendly manner.

  • Hako-Chemical on Demand – need-based use of chemicals: Cleaning chemicals are added only when absolutely necessary. 

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail

Aufladen der Batterie einer Scheuersaugmaschine.

Uncomplicated charging at any conventional power outlet (except from the DTC model) – thanks to the on-board charger. 

Saugscheuermaschine mit flachen Bürsten zum Reinigen unter Regalen.

Cleaning under racks thanks to the flat (only 10 cm high) and protruding disc brush unit. 

Superior ergonomics: The height-adjustable steering bar and foam-coated handle ensure both a good view onto the working area in front of the machine and high levels of operating comfort. 

Tank und Technik einer Schrubbmaschine.

Highly maintenance-friendly thanks to the tool-free changing of brushes and easy-to-clean recovery tank with a large tank opening as well as the easy-to-dose recovery tank discharge system, error messages shown on the display and easy access to the battery. 

Optimal intake of the cleaning solution even on demanding floor surfaces thanks to our innovative squeegee geometry. Equipped with a quick-tensioning system for the highly abrasion-resistant, 4-way suction lips. 

Anti-Foam system: Flow-optimised recovery tank to prevent foaming. 

Automatic dosing- and filling system: Saves time when filling the tank, and the reduced consumption of cleaning detergents saves operating costs. 

Hako-AquaControl system: Ensures that the cleaning solution is released with precision and used efficiently. 

No pre-sweeping required, thanks to the integrated and easy-to-empty coarse dirt tray at the cylindrical brush unit (Scrubmaster B70 CL).

1-button operating system: Starts all cleaning functions at the push of a button.

Active noise reduction: Silent-Kit reduces the speed of the suction motor to provide particularly low-noise working whenever required (Scrubmaster B70 CL).

Technical data

Scrubmaster B70 at a glance

ScrubmasterB70 TB650B70 CL DTC TB650B70 CL WB600B70CL TB650B70 CL TB750 B70 CL TB850
Working width scrubbingcm656560657585
Theoretical area performancem²/h320032003000320037004200
Working speedkm/h555555
Brush systemdiscdisccylindr.discdiscdisc
Solution tank capacityl727272727272
Recovery tank capacityl747474747474
Nominal voltageV242424242424
Total outputkW2.
Battery capacity, max.Ah105110180180180180
Length with squeegeecm153153153153165171
Width with/without squeegeecm59 / 9559 / 9559 / 9559 / 9559 / 11059 / 110
Height above the seat (operating handle)cm115115115115115115
Weight, filled, incl. Batterykg325338380388391393
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