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Max. flow rate 3,000 l/h

Max. working pressure 120 bar

Standard voltage 400 V


Cold water high-pressure cleaner for industrial use

Max. flow rate 3,000 l/h

Max. working pressure 120 bar

Standard voltage 400 V

A whole lot of power

As a practical mobile unit, the C120-50 E can be used wherever a lot of cleaning water is required. A wide range of industrial cleaning tasks can be carried out with ease.

  • Three-cylinder in-line piston pump, flange-mounted with electric motor
  • Motor/pump speed: 1,420 rpm
  • Motor and pump are slow-running and quiet
  • Designed for a 100 per cent duty cycle

Technical details

Special version

  • Optionally available in stainless steel for potentially explosive environments

Unit safety

  • Integrated thermal valve protects against overheating
  • Integrated low water pressure cut-off prevents cavitation
  • Ultra-fine water filter prevents contamination

Spray gun

  • Depressurised stand-by mode when the spray gun is closed

High-pressure hose

  • Untwisting joint prevents twisting of the high-pressure hose
Machine data
Technical Data
Machine data

Motor and pump performance   

  • 400 V/3~50 Hz
  • Working pressure max. 120 bar


  • 3 cyl. inline plunger pump 50 l/min flanged to electric motor
  • brass pump head, ceramic plungers
  • motor/pump rpm 1,420 1/min – slowly, quietly running machine
  • pump system pressureless by closing spray pistol (stand by operation)
  • thermo valve protects pump from overheating
  • water shortage control protects pump from cavitation
  • water micro filter protects pump from soiled water
  • motor/pump unit protected by solid, surrounding steel frame (powder coated)
  • chassis with 4 wheels on twin axle, locking brake
  • hose swivel prevents hp hose from curling up

Standard equipment

  • 10 m PANZERJET high-pressure hose
  • Hose untwisting joint
  • Double lance
  • Spray gun with HIP nozzle
  • 10 m electric cable (oil-resistant) with CEE plug
Technical Data

Flow rate max.  

3,000 l/h

Unloading pressure 

140 bar

Working pressure max. 

120 bar

Water temperature max. 


Standard voltage

400 V/3~50 Hz

Pump speed 

1,420 1/min

Power source 

electric motor

Connecting power 

12.5 kW

Thermo valve


Dimensions (frame: L x W x H) 

780 x 690 x 800 mm


158 kg

Order number 


Please notice

technical data are subject to alterations

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