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Max. flow rate 1,260 l/h

Max. working pressure 230 bar

Standard voltage 230 V


Hot water generator for expanding cold water high-pressure cleaners

Max. flow rate 1,260 l/h

Max. working pressure 230 bar

Standard voltage 230 V

Leaves no high-pressure cleaner cold

In some situations, high-pressure cleaning with hot water is necessary or at least more effective. The Hotbox is our solution for HP cleaners without a hot water function: The hot water generator can be easily connected to high-pressure cleaners with a working pressure of up to 230 bar.

  • Boiler with heating coil
  • Maximum water temperature: 150 °C
  • Includes 4-metre electric cable with safety plug
  • Optionally available flow divider kit for coupling two Hotboxes
Machine data
Technical Data
Machine data

Motor and pump performance   

  • 230 V/1~50 Hz
  • Working pressure max. 230 bar


  • boiler with heating coil, vertical burner system
  • thermostat
  • fuel-oil filter
  • frame powder coated, hood PE

Standard equipment

  • fuel-oil jerrycan 20 l / 5.3 gal, interchangeable
  • 2 m / 6.6 ft high pressure hose
  • 4 m / 13 ft electric cable with safety plug

Application range 

  • container cleaning
  • road cleaning
  • paint removal
  • wall cleaning
  • facade cleaning
  • grafitty removal
  • hot water cleaning
  • high pressure cleaning
  • industrial cleaning
  • duct relining
  • commercial cleaning
  • traffic sign cleaning
Technical Data

Flow rate max.

10 – 21 l/min, 600 –1,260 l/h

Incoming water pressure

min. 20 bar

Working pressure max.

230 bar

Water temperature max. 

50–150 °C / ΔT 75 °C

Heating power

80,000 kcal

Standard voltage 

230 V / 1~50 Hz

Dimensions (frame: L x W x H) 

690 x 700 x 900 mm

Weight (net)

103 kg

Fuel consumption

8,3 kg/h


diesel / fuel oil

Sound power level

98 dB max.

Order number 


Please notice

technical data are subject to alterations

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