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Max. flow rate 1,260 l/h

Max. working pressure 500 bar

Standard voltage 230 V


Hot water generator for expanding cold water high-pressure cleaners

Max. flow rate 1,260 l/h

Max. working pressure 500 bar

Standard voltage 230 V

Quick upgrade for optimum cleaning results

In special cases, such as the removal of old paint from facades, hot water significantly increases the cleaning efficiency. With the H.B 520, cold water high-pressure cleaners can be supplied with hot water quickly and easily. The module is simply connected between the cleaning unit and the spraying equipment.

  • Stainless steel boiler with overhead burner system
  • Maximum water temperature: 150 °C
  • Integrated high-pressure unit
  • Optionally available flow divider kit for coupling two HOT BOXES
Machine data
Technical Data
Machine data

Motor and pump performance

  • 230 V/1~50 Hz
  • Working pressure max. 500 bar


  • boiler with heating coil, vertical burner system
  • thermostat
  • fuel-oil filter
  • frame powder coated, stainless steel

Standard equipment

  • fuel-oil jerrycan 20 l / 5.3 gal, interchangeable
  • 2 m / 6.6 ft high pressure hose
  • 4 m / 13 ft electric cable with safety plug

Application range

  • container cleaning
  • road cleaning
  • paint removal
  • wall cleaning
  • facade cleaning
  • grafitty removal
  • hot water cleaning
  • high pressure cleaning
  • industrial cleaning
  • duct relining
Technical Data

Flow rate max. 

10 – 21 l/min, 600 –1,260 l/h

Incoming water pressure

min. 20 bar

Working pressure max.

500 bar

Operating pressure max.

520 bar

Water temperature max. 

50–150 °C / ΔT 75 °C

Heating power max.

80,000 kcal

Standard voltage

230 V / 1~50 Hz

Dimensions (frame: L x W x H)

690 x 700 x 900 mm

Weight (net)

103 kg

Fuel consumption

8,3 kg/h


diesel / fuel oil

Sound power level

98 dB max.

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technical data are subject to alterations

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